dref_by_d is born by our parent company DZYNA, which facilitates design and production for several brands local and overseas, for over 20 years.

DZYNA is formulated by a strong design and technical team which has created an expansive range of products for numerous fashion brands. Our scope and experience extends from a vast range of categories. With being heavily involved in the back end for brands we as a team at DZYNA saw a need in the market place in a few categories.

One category was for women wanting a prestigious product that represents our modern world. A product that is easy to care for, yet exclusive and edgy. dref_by_d represents a symbol of exclusivity and being ahead of the fashion race whist balancing our incredibly busy lifestyles.

dref_by_d is new to the market, founded in Melbourne, Australia, 2018. Our range offering includes luxury ladies wear that can be worn from day to night and desk to dinner. Our lady is 30 years plus, works, travels, busy and needs a easy co-coordinating range of clothes that covers all areas of her schedule.

At dref_by_d , we pride ourselves on our high quality fabrics and designs used throughout our development processes. We are focused on the opportunities to deliver desirable products based on tomorrows buying habits.

This is a location where season by season our product categories are growing with exciting new developments. dref_by_d will bring apparel to the market of innovation and designs.

The dref_by_d philosophy is the fit, fabric and finish. We strive to be the best in every facet of the F’s. We strive to be known for our passion and will never compromise. Leaving nothing to chance, we are devoted to tasteful detail and quality fits.

Stay tuned.